How it’s made: April 2017


Hollow gold fashioned ring to solid.

You step into a beautiful jewellery store, notice all of the glittering diamonds and dazzling gold. Everything is perfectly polish and presented in the most miraculous way possible. Something catches your eye. It’s a stunning ring, detail on the outer ring really stands out. You try the ring on but notice it is a little bit uncomfortable. The inside of the ring is hollow an open piece that can bring discomfort to the one who wears it.

Jewellery is sometimes manufactured with a hollow inside to keep the price lower on the piece (due to less gold inside of the ring). We are able to take your beloved ring and add gold to the inside of the ring to bring comfort and extra value (gold weight) to the ring.

It takes a series of steps to create a solid band.

  1. We roll out a piece of gold that will be turned into a band to fit inside of your ring. Essentially you are buying a custom band to fit inside your ring. This will make it more comfortable, stronger and add more gold weight.
  2. Once the band is created we solder it inside of the ring to make sure it is nice and secure.
  3. Final polishing is complete.

The total duration of completion to fill a ring to become solid is roughly two working days.

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