How it’s made: February 2017



Batman inspired mens ring

A couple months ago a customer of ours came into Goldenhand Jewellery and had a request for an unique ring design. Gladly, we accepted the challenge.

Our customer brought in an old sentimental batman ring along with sentimental gold jewellery with a few diamonds to set into it.

Our mission was to use the batman ring as a reference to making his new ring out of his sentimental gold jewellery and diamonds.

We started out with shaping out the ring base with the sentimental gold. Once the shape was laid out we began to drill out spots within the batman centre which diamonds could be placed into.

Setting diamonds into the batman inspired ring was the toughest part, since it required precision setting, along with being delicate so the diamonds do not get damaged in the process.

Once the diamonds were set and the final polish was complete we called our customer to let him know that his gorgeous ring has been completed. The duration of completion for the batman inspired ring was about 2.5 weeks.

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