How it’s made: January 2017

How it’s made… taking an idea and bringing it to life. 

Cherry Construction Ring


A vast majority of our clients come into our store with a specific idea in their mind. A stunning personalized piece of jewellery that represents them and possibly a piece they could also hand down to the next generation.

Our mission is to bring your creative idea to life, with our ability to hand create your jewellery. Our January 2017 blog is based on a construction company named Cherry Construction located in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Genuine Garnets were used as the cherries, while adding a white gold stem and leaf set with diamonds to give the logo an extra bit of shine. The actual ring itself is a signet styled mens ring with nugget detail etched onto the side. The nugget detail was hand etched using a small drill to give the ring a more unique and original nugget.

The entire ring itself was handmade by Paul Szurlej. The duration for completion was one week, which included drawing up the design, to casting, setting and lastly polishing up the final product.


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